President's Message

By Kelly Curtis, WSCA President

You Spoke and WSCA Listened!

As we wind down the school year, I would like to highlight a few of the ways our WSCA Board and Committee Chairs listened to member needs.  In the fall, we asked you to respond to some questions about your needs as members and we took your responses very seriously as we planned programming this year. I thought I would take a few paragraphs to describe the work the WSCA Board and Committee Chairs have done in response to member needs this year.

  • Professional Development - 33% of WSCA member survey respondents indicated that they want professional development on the topic of school counseling ethics. At this year’s annual conference, 80 school counselors attended the intensive sectional on ethics and legal issues. 
  • Summer Academy -  more than 50% of respondents indicated they would be likely or very likely to attend professional development at summer academy, so we are offering this opportunity again in 2015.
  • Mental Health - 63% of survey respondents indicated they would like further professional development on social/emotional needs of students.  As a response to that request, WSCA partnered with David Jocobi, Clinical Supervisor at Rogers Memorial Hospital, to host a pre-conference workshop on anxiety disorders in childhood.  The workshop provided an overview of current DSM-5 anxiety disorders. The basic principles of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) were discussed as well as strategies school counselors could utilize when working with students who suffer from anxiety disorders. 
  • Wisconsin Model - Survey respondents noted that they were unable to respond to the following question due to a technical glitch: "ASCA released an updated version of their Mindsets and Behaviors over the summer of 2014, now aligning counselor standards with the Common Core. Please share your opinion regarding the direction you feel Wisconsin should take for the future."  The glitch has been resolved and members are encouraged to share their feedback by taking a short two question survey here:

We appreciate your input!  Thank you for helping us serve you better! 

Topic of the Month:  Experts in Technology

Using Social Media in your School Counseling Program
Brought to you by: WSCA Technology Committee

What is the WSCA Technology Committee?
We are a group devoted to helping school counselors connect through the use of social media. We also provide support to school counselors who are integrating technology into their day-to-day work.

  • Follow WSCA on various social media sites! Links provided below. 
Why use Social Media in your School Counseling Program?
It’s a brave new world out there when it comes to technology, and many of us have heard the incredible statistics:
  • If Facebook were its own country, it would be the third most populated in the world.
  • Twitter generates more than 340 million tweets every day.
  • More video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60-day period than the three major U.S. television networks created in 60 years.
  • Wikipedia has nearly four million content pages with an average of 19.65 edits per page.  
The use of social media has become a common modality. Students, families and professionals actively use social media to communicate with others on a daily basis. Oftentimes, social media is used to connect and share life events.
Other times, it is used to effectively distribute information, foster creative collaboration or bring together large groups of people to work toward a common cause. Either way, social media has become immensely popular for both young people and adults alike. And yet, the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors warn that school counselors should “avoid dual relationships with students through communication mediums such as social networking sites” (A.4.c). So, is it possible to harness the potential benefits of social media without violating ethical or legal boundaries? While a clear solution appears to be elusive, the answer can be yes.
Apps, Websites and Blogs to Start Using Today!
Note Taking and Document Saving Apps
  • Evernote
  • Notability
Virtual Classroom Guidance Apps
  • Google Classroom- you are able to create your own classrooms and have students turn in documents, surveys and other projects directly to you to save for future counseling needs.
  • Edmodo- Allows you to easily manage coursework and interact with students
  • ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard- just like a whiteboard on your iPad, great for quick lessons or small groups
  • Haiku Deck- presentation and slideshow app
Book Apps
  • Kindle- download kindle books on your iPad for students
  • OverDrive-connect to your school or cities library and digitally borrow ebooks or audio books
  • Scribble Press- a digital storytelling app
Behavior Apps
  • Too Loud?- app that helps you control the noise level in the room
  • Random Name Selector- great for classroom counseling, this app helps you call on all students for discussions throughout the class period
  • Class Dojo- app that helps you record and keep track of behavior management strategies
  • irewardchart lite- behavior tracking apps with reward ideas and charts
Video Apps
  • YouTube
  • TED - TED talks for classroom lessons
  • PBS Kids Video- library of PBS videos for classroom lessons
Small Group and Classroom Guidance Apps
  • Professor Garfield- Fact or Opinion, Cyberbullying, Online Safety- These apps are free that starts with a comic strip related to the topic and then there are questions that follow to check for understanding
  • How to Make Origami- great to use to teach students patience or to use as fun ice breaker exercise
  • Moody Monster Manor- younger students can create monsters with feelings or work through scenarios dealing with feelings
  • Touch and Learn Emotions- students are able to visually see emotions through pictures
  • Heads Up!- fun game where you guess the word on the screen based on clues given by other students
  • Happier- fun way to create and share small happy moments you like in your daily life, a great digital gratitude journal. Also has meditation and other relaxing courses
Sensory Apps
  • Fluid Monkey- relaxation app using your fingers to create designs in liquid
  • Zen Space- create you own space of tranquility by drawing paths through the sand
  • Bubble Wrap- simulation app of popping bubble wrap
  • 5 Minute Relaxation- guided meditation app
  • Koi Pond HD Lite- water simulation with Koi fish
  • Monolith Loop (Relax, meditate, sleep, zen)- relax your mind with zen tranquility loop
Blogs Websites
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WSCA Technology Committee Members:
 Katrina Eisfeldt, Erica Harbath, Olin Morrison, Emily Rose, Christine Voice, Paige Waukau, Chelsea Weierke and Peg Zizzo.

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DPI Corner

ACP Update: Spring 2015
Gregg Curtis; DPI School Counseling Consultant

Happy May! Though there are miles to go before we sleep, we made it out of the long winter tunnel and before us (albeit dimly) there shines the welcomed light of summer.
As you know, the law that mandates Academic and Career Planning Services (ACP) for all students in grades 6-12 starting in the 2017-2018 school year (WI §115.28(59)) encompasses three main areas:

  1. The procurement and maintenance of information technology, including computer software, to be used statewide by school districts… (the tool),
  2. …guidance, training, and technical assistance to school districts an school district staff…(the training) and
  3. …rules to implement this subsection. (the rule)

There has been significant progress made in each of these areas since the last update, so I’d like to take a minute and bring everyone up to speed.
The Tool
The request for proposal (RFP) for the career development technology system was published on May 25, 2015. This RFP contained the mandatory abilities, features, and technological specifications required to be chosen as the state’s system. Any commercial vender who wishes to respond to the RFP must do so by April 30, 2015. After that time, responses will be evaluated; with the highest rated venders being invited to demonstrate their systems for a small cadre of “experts.” The experts will further evaluate the systems and make a recommendation to the state superintendent. The final steps will include state negotiations with the vender and the development of a plan to on-board school districts that choose to utilize the chosen system.
Bottom-line: the good news is that steps are being taken to ensure that the schools and students of Wisconsin get a system that will meet the variety of needs dictated by the rule, districts, schools, and communities. The bad news is that, at this time, it does not appear that the state career development technology system will be available for school districts by the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.
The Training
State, district, and building-wide implementation of ACP will require an “all hands on deck” approach. As such, there are areas of knowledge and skills in which educational professionals will likely need some professional development.
DPI formed the ACP Professional Development Design Group to assist in identifying specific areas of knowledge and skills necessary to do this work well. Educators from various aspects of K-12 educational leadership and practice made up this group, and their work resulted in a list of 11 broad competency areas. The group also separated these competencies into the work of leading ACP implementation (the “visioning” work) and doing ACP implementation directly with students (the “implementing” work). Two of the competency areas spanned both groups.
Bottom-line: Professional development content and delivery modes are being created throughout the spring. The training that is created will address both the visioning and implementing groups (regardless of the role they play in a school); with priority given to building training that targets the specific competency areas identified as needed through the survey sent to all superintendents and middle/high school principals this spring.
The Rule
Administrative Rule PI-26 is better known as the Education for Employment Rule (E4E) and has been on the books since the mid-1980s. Rather than create a new rule, DPI decided to incorporate language which outlines the “musts” of ACP implementation into a revision of PI-26. You can find the new rule here: The revised rule was submitted to the Legislative Council in March, and the public hearing is May 20, 2015, from 3:00-5:00pm in Madison.
Bottom-line: The revised E4E rule contains language specific to both Career and Technical Education’s administration of Perkins funding and the ACP initiative. If you would like to provide feedback on the rule language or content, it is not necessary to attend the public hearing. You can submit written comments to DPI’s Policy and Budget Team via email ( or to me ( Any comments received through June 3, 2015, will be considered in the same way as public testimony. You can find the official notice of PI-26’s public hearing here:
As always, stay up-to-date on ACP information by accessing DPI’s ACP webpage. (URL: Here you will find the most real-time updates and can subscribe to the ACP list-serv and blog. In addition you can join DPI’s ACP Google+ Community. 

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Board Member Spotlight

Stacy Eslick :  WSCA Treasurer
Who would have thought that a hug by Lisa Koenecke could have changed my life so significantly!  I am so thankful for her asking me to join the WSCA Board as Treasurer.  WSCA has had a transformational year of developing policies, learning and practicing a new governance model and making the final transition to our new organization structure.  It was also a great honor to be elected to the WSCA Board for another three years by our members.   
I am a Wisconsin gal, through and through having never lived outside the state.  I spent most of my childhood in rural southwestern Wisconsin and moved to Baraboo for high school.  Early in my career I worked as a juvenile probation and parole agent.  Though I enjoyed working with this population of youth I discovered that I wanted to work more on the prevention and be proactive in helping young people. Fifteen years ago, with both a School Social Work and School Counseling license, I began my work in schools.  Over those years, working with students K-12, there have been countless roles as a counselor, social worker, Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator, Talented and Gifted resource teacher, and online course facilitator to name just a few.
I am passionate about continuing to grow and learn so I can help my students and families the best I can.    It has been a privilege to work at West High School in Madison the past four years, our department is working towards implementing RAMP and has been doing some exciting work with setting program goals, writing actions plans and utilizing data. 
I love being a school counselor and can’t imagine anything else I would want to do! 
Tammi Fure: WSCA Middle School Vice President
Hello, my name is Tammi Fure and I am currently the Middle School Vice President for the WSCA Board.  I grew up in the small town of Prairie du Chien, which is located along the Mississippi River.  I earned my certificate as a certified nursing assistant at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College my senior year in high school and then went on to complete my Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Psychology from Winona State University.  After graduation, I worked in the medical field for 5 years before returning to school to obtain my Master's Degree in School Counseling from Winona State University. I began working as a school counselor in Iowa before moving to Wisconsin where I have been a counselor at the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District for 5 years. Within my current district I have been a school counselor at the elementary, middle, and now high school levels. I am coming in as a new board member this year.  Although, I feel my drive, dedication, and ability to advocate will be an asset I bring to the organization.  I became more involved with WSCA when I co-presented at the WSCA Conference in 2012 & 2013 and at the WSCA Summer Academy 2013. This year I will be focusing on Cultural Competency within School Counseling. I look forward to an exciting new year!

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Upcoming Events & Announcements

Welcome New Board Members:
WSCA would like to welcome the following two new board members to begin their terms on July 1, 2015.  Familiar to the WSCA family is Stacy Eslick our current WSCA treasurer.  Stacy is a school counselor at Madison West High School.  Also winning in this year's election is Angela Goebel.  Angela comes to WSCA as a middle school counselor in Hudson.  These two will bring new ideas and great energy to move our profession forward.
Also joining our two newest board members is Tabitha Stelter as our new publications chair.  We would love to thank all of the contributions from Chrissy VanDerGeest for her dedicated service to making WSCAlink amazing!  Tabitha comes back to the board after a short hiatus.  She was our graduate student representative and was also on the publications committee.  Tabitha works in the Wisconsin Dells School District.
WSCA would like to welcome our newest membership chair.  Erika Spear brings a great deal of human resource and data management experience to our association.  Her enthusiasm to increase our membership numbers will be joined by Brooke Davis also joining the membership committee.
The grad student committee would like to announce that we have two Co-Representatives to replace Liz Singer for the 2015-16 school year. They will be a great addition to WSCA. We welcome Katie Nechodom from UW-Oshkosh and Sara Rollin from Lakeland College. 
WSCA Graduate Student Newsletter 
  • Transitioning from Intern to Full-Time School Counselor: What I Have Learned
  • From ACEs to Resiliency
  • Putting What I Learned Into Practice: Not As Easy As It Seems
  • Supporting Transgender Youth in Public Education
Plan to Attend WSCA's 9th Annual Summer Leadership Academy
This year's topics:  Data Boot Camp or Academic and Career Plans (ACPs).  Choose from two levels of data training or choose to learn more about ACPs.
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
9:00 - 4:00 pm - Oshkosh, WI
Register by May 31st to SAVE!
CLICK HERE for more information

Fall Summit
Thursday, Oct 22, 2015
9:00 - 4:00 pm - Turtle Lake, WI
CLICK HERE for more information
  Network with Statewide School Counselors Today!
The Wisconsin School Counselor Association is excited to announce the addition of "Wisconsin SCENE" to the American School Counselor Association discussion board,
ASCA SCENE, located at 
For directions on how to use Wisconsin Scene Click Here. We hope this new tool helps enhance and support the important work you do as a school counseling professional in Wisconsin.

May 2015

President's Message
By Kelly Curtis
Topic of the Month:
Experts in Technology

Board Member Spotlight

Upcoming Events & Announcements