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The mission of WSCA is to advance the profession of school counseling in preschool through post-secondary in order to maximize the academic performance, career planning, and personal/social growth of every student.
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Our Vision

The student committee of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA) exists to provide an opportunity for all students in school counseling programs to engage in collaboration, education, and advocacy allowing a voice for students within the profession.

Our Goals

The student committee plans to do the following in the upcoming years:

  1. Create and disburse a newsletter that will discuss issues relevant to school counseling students such as practicum, PI.34, Professional Development Plans. etc.
  2. Create a webpage describing our efforts
  3. Create a list serve similar to WSCALink for students to communicate concerns, recommendations
  4. Promote and educate students at each member's respective college, university regarding the importance of professional involvement
  5. Collaborate with DPI to provide a voice for students within state legislation policies
  6. Create a network and resources for alumni to meet / mentor other alumni and current students
  7. Set up webinar / teleconference for future meetings (more meetings possible)
  8. Collaborate with Post-Secondary VP and Post-Secondary VP-Elect to encourage professors within the school counseling programs to educate their students about importance of joining WSCA
What would fill those pages? This is the place to find the answers to those questions and more. The Graduate Student Newsletter is the place where the WSCA Graduate Students are able to write about the things that matter to them. There are no limits to the topics that one could find on these pages; from school counseling related articles to graduate student interest articles. This is the place where the graduate students get to have their own voice. All students are welcome to write for the graduate student Newsletters, the more articles the better. How this works is really a simple process. Each University has a designated WSCA Student Representative whose duty it is to promote the Newsletter and collect the articles written by their fellow classmates. The articles then get sent to one of the four Regional Co-Chairs, the Regional Co-Chair are then given the task of editing the articles and putting the Newsletter together. The final draft of the Newsletter gets sent to the Graduate Student Representative for a final edit and once over. The Graduate Student Representative then sends it to all the Student Representatives who send it out to their classmates for all to enjoy. The Newsletters are a team effort written for, created by and edited by graduate students. Come on in and read what the graduate students have to share with you!"  Click Here to view Newsletters


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Make your plans to attend the 2018 WSCA Annual Conference to be held February 20-22, 2018 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison WI


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