• Newsletter Archive
February 2017 Topic:  Mindfulness
  • Assistant Board Chair Message - Board Directors Candidate Slate
  • DPI School Counseling Update - Winter 2017
  • Mindfulness Interventions in Schools
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into the Classroom: a Personal "How-to"
January 2017 Topic:  Welcome Back - We Missed You
  • Executive Director Message - School Counselors - Answering the Call to be Leaders
  • Assistant Board Chair Message - WSCA Elections
  • Transitioning Back to School After a Long Absence
  • Results Data for the High School Counselor:  Student Post-Secondary Enrollment and Retention Webinar
December 2016 Topic:  The Use of Social Media for Professional Development
  • Board Chair Message - How We Respond Makes a Big Difference
  • DPI Corner - Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon
  • Using Social Media for Professional Development

November 2016 Topic:  ACP with All Staff Buy-In & Support
  • Executive Director Message - School Counselors as Change Agents
  • Assistant Board Chair Message - School Counselor as Effective Educational Leaders
  • 2017 Board of Directors Election
  • WSCA Conference Scholarship

October 2016 Topic: WSCPAR Questions Answered
  • Board Chair Message - We Want to Hear From You
  • DPI Update:  ACP
  • The Many Benefits to Completing a WSCPAR
  • WSCA Conference Scholarship
  • You Spoke, We Listened......Conference Sectionals

September 2016 Topic:  Anxiety and Depression Needs of our Students; Suicidal Behavior and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI)
  • Executive Director Message
  • Assistant Board Chair Message - Refreshed and Rejuvenated!
  • Anxiety and Depression Needs of our Students
  • Using Wellness to Combat School Stress:  A Tool For Everyone

August 2016  Topic:  Counseling From the Heart
  • Board Chair Message
  • Executive Director Message
  • Nurtured Heart Approach: A Critical Tool to Building Our Students - By Tabitha Stelter

July 2016  Topic:  Culturally Responsive Schools
  • Board Chair Message
  • Executive Director Message - Happy 10th Anniversary Summer Academy!
  • The E Word: Ethics and Their Impact on Social Media
  • Our Religion by Kelly Curtis

June 2016  Topic:  Leadership Opportunities
  • Board Chair Message
  • Assistant Board Chair Message
  • Leading by Example - By Tabitha Stelter
  • Volunteer Recognition & Thank You!

May 2016  Topic:  Data and Evidence-Based Practices
  • Executive Director and DPI Consultant Message on ACP Updates
  • Graduate Student Corner: An Agent for Change: The Greatness Revolution

April 2016  Topic:  Day on the Hill:  State of Our Profession
  • Executive Director Message
  • Assistant Board Chair Message
  • Graduate Student Message: Embracing the Thaw
  • Recap: Day on the Hill 2016, Advocacy Subcommittee and ESSA
  • Day on the Hill: A Participant’s Perspective

March 2016  Topic:  Mental Health in Our Schools
  • Board Chair Message: Welcome Aboard!
  • Assistant Board Chair Message: Now Put the Information to Work
  • Supporting Students when a Family Member or Caregiver has a Mental Illness

February 2016  Topic:  The Ethically Minded Professional School Counselor
  • Executive Director Message: The Ethically Minded Professional School Counselor
  • Ethical Decision Making - Ethics, Law & Process

January 2016  Topic:  Vision of the Profession: Being SMART
  • Graduate Student Corner:  Self-Care: It Will Always Be Important 
December 2015 Topic:  ASCA Model: How to Make it Work with Your Program
  • WSCA Board Chair Message
  • DPI Corner:  “Academic and Career Planning...Yep, again...”

November 2015  Topic:  Technology makes us responsible vs. Responsible with Technology
  • WSCA Board Chair Message: WSCA ELECTIONS!
  • WSCA Assistant Board Chair Message:  Integrating Technology into your School Counseling Program
  • Technology in School Counseling: The On-going Struggle of Being Resourceful and Being Ethical
  • Using Social Media in your School Counseling Program

October 2015  Topic:  Academic and Career Planning
  • ACP Review
  • Tips for Best Practice - Problem Behaviors Can be Discussed

September 2015  Topic:  Vision for Advocacy
  • WSCA Board Chair Message
  • “A” for Advocacy: Local, State, and Federal
  • DPI Corner:  “Back to School: ACP Update”

August 2015  Topic:  Cultural Competence and Education
  • WSCA Executive Director Message
  • What Role Do We Play in Keeping the Peace?
  • DPI Corner:  "Making Connections:  Cultural Competence, Evaluation, Relationships, and Professionalism"

July 2015  Topic:  Educator Effectiveness for the School Counselor
  • WSCA Executive Director Message
  • WSCA Board Chair Message
  • Educator Effectiveness & School Counseling
  • Embracing the “Spirit” of Educator Effectiveness
  • DPI Corner: “We Made It! Now What?”

June 2015  Topic:  The Next Chapter
  • Introducing - WSCA Executive Director, Stacy Eslick
  • Transitioning to Next School Year
  • Graduating from Being an Intern
  • DPI Corner

May 2015  Topic:  Experts in Technology
  • Using Social Media in your School Counseling Program
  • ACP Update: Spring 2015

April 2015  Topic:  Cultural Competence
  • Working with Families with Different SES
  • Zero Tolerance: Tolerance Worthy?

March 2015  Topic:  Comprehensive School Counseling Model
  • Update On The Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model
  • Why Use a Comprehensive School Counseling Model?
  • Frequently Asked Questions about School Mental Health: Part 2

February 2015  Topic:  Ethics
  • ASCA Positional Statements inform Ethical School Counseling Practice
  • Public Instruction - Frequently Asked Questions about School Mental Health: Part 1

January 2015  Topic:  School Counseling History – WSCA Turns 50!
  • WSCA is 50 years old.  A History Lesson.
  • National School Counseling Week!
  • As We Turn the Calendar to a New Year, a Reminder on Self-Care


December 2014  Topic:  Social Media
  • The Positive Side of Social Media
  • The Age of Social Media: The School Counselor’s Place in Social Media
  • Academic and Career Planning: ACP Update Part 2

November 2014  Topic:  Advocating For Your School Counseling Program
  • Advocating for Your School Counseling Program
  • Make a WISH: Opportunities for Professional Development

October 2014 Topic:  Cultural Competence
  • Multicultural Competency as a School Counselor
  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention: Addressing the Challenges

September 2014 Topic:  Coping With Death, Grief and Loss
  • Supporting Students Experiencing Grief and Loss
  • Zero Tolerance: Tolerance Worthy?

August 2014  Topic:  Data
  • School Counseling Programs and Accountability: Measuring School Counselor Effectiveness 
  • The Joys of Data
  • WSCPAR – More than Just an Award
  • DATA
  • Educator Effectiveness: What About School Counselors?

July 2014  Topic:  Empowering Youth
  • Empowering Youth with Talent Development Initiatives in Wisconsin
  • Empowering Youth
  • Course Options: A Brief Overview

June 2014 Topic:  Importance of Needs Assessments
  • Needs Indeed
  • The Importance of Initial Needs Assessments 
  • Course Options: A Brief Overview

May 2014 Topic:  Student Resilience
  • Crisis Response
  • Building Resiliency in School-Aged Kids
  • Update on Academic and Career Planning Services Initiative (ACPs)

April 2014 Topic:  Student Mental Health
  • Positive Mental Health is Essential to Learning 
  • Students in the Driver Seat of Their Lives
  • The Month of the Military Child

March 2014  Topic:  Equity
  • Promoting Equity
  • School Counselors Are Essential in Promoting Equity for Disadvantaged Students
  • School Counselors and DPI’s Webpages: Navigating the Maze of Information

February 2014 Topic:  Ethics
  • Ethics Every Day
  • The Ethical School Counselor
  • “Serious and Foreseeable Harm” Replaced “Clear and Imminent Danger” for Breaching Confidentiality in the Ethical Standards for School Counselors
  • Ethics
  • Educator Effectiveness: What About School Counselors?

January 2014  Topic:  Partnerships
  • Partnerships with Key Stakeholders 
  • SPARC-W: Spread the Word! 
  • Defining “Partnership” 
  • Forming Partnerships for Career Exploration
  • Dropout Early Warning System (DEWS)